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Civil infrastructure is vital to growing and developing communities. From the water we drink, and the playgrounds children play on, to the streets we drive and the open spaces we are thrilled to explore – civil infrastructure is all around us. HPM Contracting takes pride in being one of the top civil construction companies in Colorado focusing on community infrastructure and development. Our highly skilled and award winning project teams have helped deliver many of Colorado’s parks, trails, waterways, water and wastewater infrastructure, public and private site developments, and much more!

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HPM’s civil group focuses on infrastructure development, including parks & recreation, water and wastewater infrastructure, and civil site development, with an emphasis on the following disciplines of work:


  • Removals and demolition
  • Earthwork and site grading
  • Equipment installation
  • Site features like retaining walls, paving, flatwork, utilities, drainage, and riprap
  • Mechanical and yard piping
  • Structural concrete and foundations

HPM has proudly served various clients in constructing projects for the betterment of local communities, including:

  • City of Aurora
  • City of Pueblo
  • City of Lafayette
  • City of Longmont
  • City of Louisville
  • City of Greenwood Village
  • Deer Creek Water District
  • East Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District
  • Elizabeth Park & Recreation District
  • Parker Water and Sanitation District
  • Rampart Range Metro District
  • RTD
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