Comprehensive Project Management in the Englewood, CO Area

Here at HPM Contracting, we oversee all aspects of a construction project. Our goal is to ensure our clients see satisfactory results. We ensure this by paying attention to every detail and following the client’s specific requirements. If you are looking for project management services near Englewood, CO, call us today!

Our Services

  • Design-Build & CM/GC: Our processes are designed to accelerate the project. We do this with our design-build work and in the CM/GC process.
  • Value Engineering: Get your project done at the lowest cost with our help. 
  • Constructability Reviews: During design, we will implement construction knowledge to identify obstacles before beginning. 
  • Project Management: Let us overlook the building process, scope, and budget of your project. 
  • Site Development: We will handle the layout and configuration of your site.
  • Mission-Critical: Our crew handles mission-critical tasks essential for the success of your project.
  • Office Renovations: Increase productivity and comfort with our help. 
  • Sustainability: Create a healthy environment by incorporating sustainable construction. 
  • Tenant Improvements: Make changes to your rental space in order to make a tenant comfortable. 
  • Finishes: Our team can handle the exterior and interior finishing for your building. 
  • Historical Building: With our help, you can make sure your historical building is well-taken care of during construction and renovations.
  • Rehabilitation: Restore a structure by making the necessary repairs, alterations, or additions. 


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